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January 5, 2013
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Infection Journal by furbearingbrick Infection Journal by furbearingbrick
I decided I needed a "guide" showing how Worm Jeff mutates humans into Jeff The Killer, and the phases of Jeff transformation. If you don't know who or what Worm Jeff is, read the stories in the Worm Jeff Saga:
Evil Never Dies
Trust Me, Part 1
Trust Me, Part 2

Be sure to read his bio too:…

Illust. 1: The infection phase. Worm Jeff latches onto the back of a victim's head (in this case, a teenager with brown hair and green eyes), burrows under the skin and drills two tiny holes in the skull to let the tips of his proboscis through to the brain. He then jabs his stinger into the hypothalamus, releasing a slow, steady drip of his mutagenic venom. This venom is colorless and odorless, but tastes bitter. He then begins to "whisper" suggestions into his host's mind.
His preferred method of accessing the skull is burrowing into the neck, but he can also enter via the mouth.

Illust. 2: The first phase of transformation. The The host's toenails lengthen slightly, and become slightly miscolored. The host also has a some of their body hair fall out, if they have any. By the end of Phase 2, the toenails will become sharp and pitch-black, and all body hair will have been shed, as seen here.

Illust. 3: The second phase. The mental changes begin. The host starts fantasizing about people they dislike dying, often in violent ways. They also become more violent, short-tempered and irritable. This is the phase at which the hair becomes long, greasy, and unkempt, and the host starts to neglect his or personal hygiene. The skin starts to grow paler as well.

Illust. 4: The penultimate phase. The transformation is almost complete. The skin becomes even paler, a black "mask" forms around the eyes, the nose recedes, and the teeth become sharp and pointy. The host becomes even more violent and mentally unbalanced. An acid-producing gland begins to develop, near the stomach. The transformation can only safely be halted near the end of Phase 3, before the "lip scar" appears and the acid gland fully develops; attempting to remove Worm Jeff past this point has unpredictable results and may cause irreparable mental damage to the victim.

Illust. 5: The final phase. The host is now a Jeff. He or she is now completely under Worm Jeff's power. The nose totally dissapears. The skin is snow-white. The lips split of their own accord, forming a smile-shaped scar that follows the jawline. The acid gland is now fully-developed. The host has super strength, endurance, and athletic abilities, and no longer needs to sleep, at the cost of having a drastically reduced lifespan (it's been calculated that a fully-converted Jeff can only live for a maximum of 10 to 13 years.) They often become 4 or more inches taller. He or she may also have his or her memories overwritten by those of Jeff. At some point, Worm Jeff will override their motor functions and take total control of the body.

When Worm Jeff fully disengages and releases control of the body (usually to switch hosts) they become "depowered", being only as strong and fast as a regular human, but still possessing the acid gland. These depowered Jeffs still blindly follow Worm Jeff's every whim (he "remote controls" them via telepathy) and are referred to as "Dummy Jeffs".

Typically, there is only one Dummy Jeff roaming the streets at a time, to avoid arousing suspicion about the truth of Jeff The Killer. When he no longer needs a Dummy Jeff, Worm Jeff normally makes them retreat into a "Jeff Cave" under the city or other well-hidden meeting spot (as seen in "Please Follow Me" ), but if they are in immediate danger of being caught or are cornered, he makes them commit suicide (usually by self-immolation.)

There is always one Dummy Jeff in the local squadron who is more powerful than the rest who acts as their leader, called an Alpha Jeff. An Alpha Jeff's mind is far more organized than those of his or her bretheren, and they guide the other Dummy Jeffs using telepathy. They can also suppress their own innate urge to kill.

Here is an illustration of a fully-transformed host:…

Worm Jeff typically attaches to victims when they're asleep or not paying attention. If they willingly allow themselves to be infected, however, the transformation goes much more quickly, and they can become a Jeff in as little as 3 hours.

On occasion, though, Worm Jeff appears voluntarily before his intended victim to form a contract with them, agreeing to make their fondest wish come true in exchange for becoming his host.

In addition to the symptoms listed above, infectees in the late stages of transformation often have a small, soft bump at the back of their necks that moves when you poke it.

Good heavens, no! Once Jeff Venom is absorbed into the bloodstream, it can't be passed from person to person. Besides, Wormy needs to be directly attached to you for you to be properly transformed into a Dummy Jeff, and the conditions need to be just right. If he attempts to "convert" a human too fast or injects too much venom at once, for instance, they may instead become an even more grotesque mutation called a Drone Jeff.

At large enough doses, humans turn into Drone Jeffs. If the Jeff Venom in the victim's body is neutralized with a specialized anti-mutagen (said agent is extremely hard and labor-intensive to produce), the transformation will cease, granted it is caught in time. The Venom mutates animals differently and often less predictably than humans, often turning them into misshapen, distorted versions of their former selves.

By removing Worm Jeff, of course. Provided the infection is not the result of Worm Jeff forming a contract with the victim, if he is discovered on the host's person by the end of Phase 2 he will nearly always evacuate the body and flee. However he may, on occasion, try to sweet-talk the victim into letting him stay longer by tricking them into thinking he's being beneficial in some way. If discovered after that (up till the end of Phase 3) he's much more stubborn, and often has to be removed via surgery.

Worm Jeff (c) :iconfurbearingbrick:
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