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October 1, 2013
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NAME: Jeffery Woods
LENGTH: 6" (not counting tail)
WT: ???
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Black
Blood Type: ???
Age: 25
Species: Mind-Crawler

APPEARANCE: Small creature whose shape is strongly reminiscent of a lizard, but only superficially. Four arms, two legs.

HEAD: Vaguely humanlike, but with a small snout and almost no chin. No external nose; two small black nostrils. Lower lip is bright red. Tiny ears hidden under hair, which have gills concealed behind them.

EYES: Large, almost perfectly round, and pink. Can glow in the dark. Have heavy white lids with thick black "bags" under them.

MOUTH: Filled with pointy little teeth. Lower lip is bright red. What appears to be a forked tongue is actually a proboscis which he can use to read minds or feed "suggestions" directly into his host's brain.

SKIN: One would expect it to be scaly, but it is actually soft, rubbery, and has a "satiny" texture. Bruises easily. It's very tempting to stroke it. Completely white. He can change the color of his skin to match that of whatever surface he's resting on, so he can be very hard to spot, especially in a messy room with lots of nooks and crannies he can hide in. However, his stingers and black hair always give him away.

HANDS AND FEET: Hands are humanlike, albeit somewhat stubby. Feet/toes are enlongated and have four digits. He is plantigrade (walks on heels.) Can't walk on hind legs very well, so he usually crawls.
Digits have claw sheaths, which conceal jet-black claws which he uses to dig into the flesh of his host so it is harder for him to be removed. Can walk on walls and ceilings like a gecko.

TAIL: About the length of his body. Is prehensile; can grab things. Two long, hollow, crescent-shaped black stingers at the end, with a light-pink skin pad between them. A special, bulb-shaped gland that produces mutagenic Jeff Venom is situated near the tip of the tail and injected into the host via the stingers.

HAIR: Long and black. If not maintained properly, becomes greasy and stringy.

VOICE: Surprisingly deep and seductive. When very angry, his voice becomes so loud and harsh that's it's actually painful to listen to.

WEAKNESSES: Too many to list. Let's just say he's about as physically durable as a glass tea-towel.

SPEED: Low, but can run pretty fast for short distances (tires quickly, though)
AGILITY: Average
INTELLIGENCE: Godlike+ (there has been no discovered upper limit to it)

POWERS: Unlike other AU versions of Jeff, whose powers are physical, Worm Jeff's strengths come from his powerful mind and his ability to manipulate others.
By attaching to a host, gradually injecting Jeff Venom into them, and feeding "suggestions" into their brains, Worm Jeff slowly but surely transforms them, physically and mentally, into a "Dummy Jeff", one of his brainwashed mutant thugs which he can control like a puppet at any time he chooses.

He can also create swift but fragile winged "Drone Jeffs" this way, but the latter process is much faster and more efficient, and doesn't even need Worm Jeff's presence.

He is very persuasive and can talk you into making a contract with him quite easily. Be careful if you try to make conversation with him.

Being an esper, he possesses limited telekinesis. He can't affect objects that are much larger than himself with it, which tends to be a problem. He can levitate a few inches off the ground for short amounts of time. Astral projection.

Can teleport, but only 5 feet or so, and it tires him out (he relies on Guru Anna to teleport him long distances.) Recovers quickly from being dropped or falling from great heights (somewhat due to the square-cube law.)

Posesses a gland near the stomach that produces an acid that can be spat out in a stream for emergency defense purposes. While not very powerful, causes intense stinging when it comes into contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Cannot be corrupted by the influence of other mind-controlling/corrupting entities like Slenderman, Zalgo, and various demons. This unique ability extends to his infectees. (This ability was originally introduced to prevent Zalgo OCs from "cheating" in Worm Jeff roleplays.)

Can control Dummy Jeffs remotely via telepathy, but only if they're "in range." Can summon Drones to aid him when he's in life-threatening situations, one by one or in vast swarms, but only if they are within "range" and above ground (which they usually aren't.) He learns whatever facts his host knows, and his capacity for knowledge seems to be unlimited. Knows over 5,000 languages, including dead ones. Good at climbing trees; not so good at getting down them.

His droppings are putty-like in texture and reddish-orange in color. They have anesthetic and antibiotic properties, and when smeared on the skin cause temporary numbing. Before cutting an "exit flap" on the base of his intended host's head to allow access to the skull, Worm Jeff produces a dropping and smears it around a bit before cutting to numb it.

OTHER INFO: Loves being pampered. Egotistical and self-centered. Gets mad when he doesn't get his way. Enjoys fine food. Can't use smartphones; his hands are way too small and fat. Once inside a host, he feeds on brainwaves caused by negative emotions, especially hate. Dislikes being insulted about his size. His favorite color is red.
I'm prolly going to go back and fix some stuff later, but this'll do for now.

More than you ever wanted to know about my little six-inch psychic Napoleon wannabe!
(Be thankful I left out the part about his "vent" ~shudder~)

Header image is by :iconisolationn:

Jeff the Killer (c) creepypasta
Worm Jeff (c) :iconfurbearingbrick:

All right, you know the drill:
Evil Never Dies
Trust Me, Part 1
Trust Me, Part 2

Infection Journal
Series Bible
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MsPhantomessLOL Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014
Now that's just adorable. And I'm pretty sure I'm infected. I'm showing symptoms. I always wear white hoodies, I make my lips red and my eyes dark with makeup, and I carry a pocket knife wherever I go.
Bluebird49110 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
Haha. Anesthetic poo and "Jeff venom." XD
monkeyking676 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014
I like worm jeff more and more now!But what exactly do you mean by being physically durable as a glass tea-towel?
I'm not that good at english so could you maybe give an example or somethig?
furbearingbrick Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
that means he's really, really, REALLY weak.
monkeyking676 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
Thanks for the info realy want to draw him now!
Wafflez-of-Equestria Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i love it :D
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